Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook… Ugh! Do I really NEED to?

by | Mar 29, 2019

Social media is an attractive channel for financial advisors to reach prospective clients and centers of influence while nurturing existing relationships. But, it’s easy to invest a lot in figuring it out, only to abandon your efforts for lack of demonstrable results. This leads many to wonder if social media really matters for financial advisors at all.

While there are numerous stories of advisors landing multi-million dollar clients solely through social media, the reality is that the only non-negotiable virtual presence that every advisor must have is a modern, professional-looking website. Consumers are far savvier and more informed, you can count on a prospective client to have done their due diligence before they book that first meeting.

There’s no better way to throw ice water on a
warm prospect than an outdated website.

Getting in front of prospective clients has always been primarily a social endeavor. At its core, social media can augment and amplify how you present yourself to the public, especially if you have yet to crack the code of networking events or other organized social activities. Social media can also open avenues of access to centers of influence and other people in your target market that you might not have access to otherwise.

Developing a quality social media presence takes time. There are no overnight successes, and you won’t miraculously have a line of people banging on your door because you sent out a tweet or few. But, small authentic interactions compounded over time can lead to massive results, whether in-person or via social media.

If you find the subject as fascinating as I do… check out fourth episode of “Kitces & Carl”, Michael Kitces and financial advisor communication guru Carl Richards sit down to discuss the question of the extent to which financial advisors should or “have to” participate in social media (or not), why it might be a worthwhile endeavor if done correctly, some ideas that advisors can use immediately to get more out of their social media efforts, and why, ultimately, using social media successfully is ultimately about a series of “micro interactions” to better connect with other individuals.

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